Common-Sense Perspectives on Keeping the American Dream from Becoming an American Nightmare
Beyond Gridlock and Greed 2.0


The co-founders of the Beyond Gridlock and Greed Movement are two concerned, everyday Americans with no hidden agenda or personal axe to grind. Our interest is the preservation of the American Dream for future generations.

We have lived through 12 US presidencies and, as successful journalists and entrepreneurs, have been given unique firsthand opportunities to witness, experience, and participate in momentous changes in the life of the nation.

Chris Davala, President — SMARTALK, Inc. — gained unique insights into the existential crisis facing Americans and their leaders, based upon mistakes observed and lessons learned over two decades as a broadcast journalist and three decades as an executive communication consultant within the public and private sectors.

Jack T. Scully, entrepreneur, businessman, and author, co-founded Ascension Technology Corporation, an electronic device company that grew from a two-man startup to a professional corporation with a global sales presence. His company’s extensive federal relationships over two decades gives him unique citizen insight into the big problems of Big Government.