Common-Sense Perspectives on Keeping the American Dream from Becoming an American Nightmare
Beyond Gridlock and Greed 2.0
Position Paper

Position Paper

‘We have spent the last three years examining the state of the nation and the viability of The American Dream. We have talked to people in every age group and walk of life. We have analyzed more than 300 independent source documents.

The American Dream faces two sets of challenges:

  • Immediate, Daily Crises
  • Long-term, Existential Issues

We leave it to the media to chronicle the country’s daily news, scandals, and travails. They already receive exhaustive attention — too often in overblown 24/7 news cycles and often unverifiable stories.

Our focus is on four national life-or-death issues:

  • Broken Moral Compass
  • Congressional Paralysis
  • Fiscal Insanity
  • Deindustrialization & Loss of Good Middle Class Jobs

Unless we meet these challenges, The American Dream may well become what was once unthinkable — an American Nightmare.